Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Toronto, ON

Bathroom renovation contractors at Murphy's Home Improvements have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your bathroom gets the level of scrutiny it needs in order to meet your expectations.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. A sanctuary where we can relax and refresh our bodies in private. Perhaps more than any other kind of home renovation, bathroom renovation benefits tremendously from attention to detail and careful craftsmanship. Murphy’s Home Improvements is a general contractor you can rely on to create a bathroom you will love to spend time in and that guests will admire.

Get the Style You Want

For over 30 years Murphy’s Home Improvements has been renovating bathrooms in the GTA. Throughout that time we have kept up with the changes in styles and have accumulated a wealth of experience. Even through the changing trends we have always left our customers satisfied with our ability to bring their aesthetic vision to life. Contemporary or classic, minimalist or luxurious; virtually no design is beyond us. We can design a bathroom to blend seamlessly into your home’s look even if it is part of a larger project like a basement renovation.

Technically Proficient

Murphy’s Home Improvements has the skills and knowledge you want in your general contractor when undertaking a home renovation. Bathroom renovation especially requires a particular expertise. When you hire us you won’t need to search for plumbers or additional contractors; we are all that you’ll need. With everyone involved focused, we can ensure your bathroom gets the level of scrutiny it needs in order to meet your expectations.

Make It Modern

Not only are we up to date on modern styles and trends, but also with new technologies and amenities. Our team at Murphy’s constantly stays abreast of the many advancements in the home improvement field as well as the techniques required to install them. We have a full range of options for your contemporary bathroom, some of which include:

  • Heated Floors
  • Heated Towel Holders
  • Double Shower Heads
  • Custom Glass Enclosures
  • Bathtubs of All Kinds

Bathrooms may be small but they are the most personal rooms in a home. Whether it’s a big project such as a basement renovation or an individual bathroom renovation, the Murphy’s Home Improvements team will listen to your plan intently. From there we will provide personalized service that meets your every need. You want that unique touch for your personal sanctuary and it’s our job to help you bring that vision to life. Don’t settle for anything less than Murphy’s, call us today at (416) 432-1237 for a free consultation and quote.